Helping farmers grow more, sustainably

What We Do

At any given time, there are a number of concurrent events on farms that demand growers’ attention. Our philosophy is to build technology tools that are simple to operate and advanced enough to facilitate on-farm decision making with minimal time investment from the growers.

Ukko Agro is building a smart agriculture ecosystem that helps optimize pesticide usage to minimize crop losses.


Realtime on-farm monitoring
Predict disease/pest attacks
Prescribe pesticide sprays
Integrates with external on-farm equipment and technologies
(outcome) – Reduce crop losses + Optimize crop inputs
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Helping value-chain partners

CPGs and industry players in achieving sustainability goals, such as pesticide and water optimization
Governments and Insurance companies in reducing crop insurance payouts
Agrochemical companies in overcoming regulatory challenges

The Team

Ukko Agro’s team is passionate about helping farmers grow more crops in a sustainable way. Our team collectively brings over 100 years of experience in plant pathology, technology and agricultural economics.

Alliances & Partnerships

Recent Activities

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Indo-Canadians’ startup to use artificial intelligence to deliver hyperlocal info on farming

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Ukko Agro to Validate Smart Agriculture Solution in Preparation for Upcoming Farm Trials.

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Ukko Agro’s Smart Agriculture Solution Ready for the Farm.

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